Every nation and culture on earth (including The Five Percent Nation or NGE) has its traditions, that while maintained in the present have their origins in the past. They are all about long established or inherited ways of thinking or acting (and in our case, teaching or how a person was taught). The personal emotion invested in any tradition is perhaps the biggest part of their value and that varies from person to person and culture to culture. Traditions are very often the glue that holds a community of people together but we should be careful that our traditions don’t close our minds off from infinite possibilities, shouldn’t we?

When we teach our tradition, we can as a nation allow ourselves to feel safe and secure, which ironically can also lead to us also becoming vulnerable to stagnation and expiration. This paradox requires an open mind to solve. We want to keep our traditions intact, yet we want to change with the times in order to remain relevant. Historically, many new ideas were aborted because others feared those new ideas would change some traditions. Some of those traditions were not even around long enough to be universally accepted. Some even act as if our culture is complete and requires no further adding on. Today, some can be found on social media STILL debating basic parts of our tradition or another. This CLOSE MINDED thinking is erroneous and will eventually lead you in the wrong direction.


In order for a nation or a community of people to establish safety and security for future generations, certain industries are needed. There must be security, trade or business, farming or food production, construction, learning institutions and legal representation to name a few. Building these require creativity and effective strategies that could be new to old traditions. So, an OPEN MIND is necessary to ensure new approaches to building aren’t dismissed without WISE CONSIDERATION. An OPEN MIND prevents us from getting stuck in the past and empowers us to be more involved in the present. Remember, the past already took place and what matters is what we do NOW.

The Righteous Way addresses these issues in detail and offers solutions in a number of ways. We want readers to be well informed and enlightened. People must be OPEN MINDED when obtaining Knowledge of Self and an OPEN MIND is needed all the way along your journey.  This includes when you’re learning the history and traditions related to this culture. We need Gods and Earths to have an OPEN MIND to be able to properly aid in the BUILDING PROCESS. What do I mean by PROCESS? Well, building does not only mean talking about it. It requires that we think critically while we do the work. That work usually requires a process or way of doing things that will make us successful. All that we do must have a blueprint for success. Do you know anyone with a CLOSED MIND who can visualize, read or build according to blueprints!?

Gods and Earths are building in creative and dynamic ways today. Sadly, some people go gaga at these efforts because they are stuck in the way they were taught. It is as if this is all they will ever know. Solving our issues today is like solving an equation. Solving an equation is just like solving a puzzle. Having a CLOSED MIND limits your ability to think critically about solutions. CLOSED MINDEDNESS leaves you puzzled while OPEN MINDEDNESS solves puzzles. When solutions are presented, the CLOSED MINDED person usually looks for a reason to deny or second-guess the solution. Needless to say, this wastes a lot of time and starts unnecessary arguments that waste more of other people’s precious time and energy.

If we are to truly deal with CONSTANT ELEVATION and tap into our UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, an OPEN MIND is needed. Most of us would agree that knowledge is infinite. Most of us would also agree that the mind is infinite. If these statements are true, we should think about the next time a God or Earth manifests their knowledge in an area you are unfamiliar with. Instead of dealing with the matter with a CLOSED MIND, have an OPEN MIND and ask questions for clarity and understanding. PEACE!

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