Our infinite universe is ruled by laws and mathematics from which society draws its understanding of righteousness. But 85% of people do not know themselves, 10% profit from their ignorance, and 5% teach truth. The Righteous Way (Infinity Edition) freshly brings to full circle a three-part series which aims to inspire and motivate others toward self-actualization through Knowledge of Self and righteousness.

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About the Author

The Knowledge

Ricky Panayoty (Starmel Allah), authored The Righteous Way to focus on the meaning of Knowledge of Self as it applies to at-risk youth. As a student-leader and peer mentor, he writes passionately about The Five Percent Nation of Gods & Earths’ culture, influence, and community engagement.

The Righteous Way

Introduces The Five Percent Nation of Gods & Earths’ history and culture through the authentic voice of Starmel Allah and other sincere adherents of the culture. The first edition discusses how the teachings of The Five Percent influenced young people throughout New York City and Hip-Hop culture. Here, Starmel makes and owns the narrative of his path along the righteous way.

The Golden Jubilee Edition

Commemorates the 50th year anniversary of The Five Percent culture with in-depth interviews, including historic black and white and color photos. The Golden Jubilee Edition highlights the true purpose of the teachings and encourages each one to teach one through leadership and community involvement.

The Infinity Edition

Explores pivotal moments in history and ties those moments to a greater calling for boundless building and self-improvement. The Infinity Edition aims to inspire us to act responsibly on our Knowledge of Self and engage our communities. This edition provides readers with good orderly direction to see their fullest potential as we live within the time and space of infinity.


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What Five Percenters Teach


To know.


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Born to lead.


We make it.

Who We Are

We are born to lead, strive for excellence, and overcome surmounting struggles. We are not the One Percent, we are the Five Percent of the population. We encourage through showing and proving, especially to our youth, to reach their fullest potential with Good Orderly Direction.

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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God….And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us….” John 1:1-14

A positive self-image and esteem are key to character and integrity

— Starmel Allah —




“Protect the child. Show him where if he doesn’t do right he is going to go to jail.”



Criminal Justice Reform


Saving Ourselves


Reuniting Families



We observe that in many states, spending on prisons and jails far surpass the cost for education. This trend must be reversed. Knowledge of Self is both a preventive and redemptive teaching. It is aimed to foster public safety by inspiring individual reform and lessening the racial impact of mass incarceration.

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