Word Is Bond

Five Percent Nation Author, Starmel Allah Talks Infinite Potential in Final Installment of 'The Righteous Way' Trilogy

Five Percent Nation author, Starmel Allah has released his third book, The Righteous Way: Infinity Edition. This is the third and final installment of The Righteous Way Trilogy series. The Infinity Edition aims to empower readers by showing them how to tap into their infinite potential. Here, Starmel delves further into the Knowledge of Self […]


Breonna Taylor

Breonna & The Black Community

What’s the Fuss About? Back in March, Detectives Brett Hankinson, Myles Cosgrove, and Sgt. John Mattingly attempted to execute a “no-knock” search warrant on Breonna Taylor’s home. The search warrant followed a months-long investigation that focused on Bre’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, who was not at her apartment. At the time of her death, Breonna was […]


When Your Money Catches COVID-19: A Self-Saving Time.

How is COVID-19 impacting your money? Government and business responses to aid victims and spreading may help. But some of these measures will change how we deal with money. Therefore, we need to grip up and be well informed to make responsible financial decisions moving forward. Can you save yourself? How are we impacted by […]


Can You See the Forest from the Trees?

Once upon a time, a young boy on a summer field trip wandered off from his group and got lost in a forest trying to explore a grove of trees. He may have only been lost for a few hours, but, when you are lost and ten years old in a forest that is getting […]


Reforming Hearts, Minds & Criminal Justice

Reforming the criminal justice system requires a sustained effort to reform people’s hearts and minds about justice. Shouldn’t justice include what happens after punishment? What about those who are wrongfully arrested and convicted? With all that is invested in punishment, shouldn’t there also be an investment to meet the needs of victims and offenders after […]