Wisdom: The Art of Finesse

Today is the second day of October. In Five Percenter lingo, today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom. Gaining Knowledge is one thing. Wisdom, meaning how that knowledge is applied, is another. Wis… October 2, 2021Starmel Blog Read More

Five Percent Nation Author, Starmel Allah Talks Infinite Potential in Final Installment of ‘The Righteous Way’ Trilogy

Five Percent Nation author, Starmel Allah has released his third book, The Righteous Way: Infinity Edition. This is the third and final installment of The Righteous Way Trilogy series. The Infinity Ed… December 24, 2020Starmel Blog Allah's Kitchen,Big Daddy Kane,Hip-Hop,Infinity Edition,Mental health,Personal development,Saladin Allah,Sunez Allah,Taoism Read More

Street Knowledge and the Citizen App

In June 2019, Bloomberg reported that around one million people downloaded the Citizen app in New York City and that the app ranked in the top ten news apps in the App Store. If you want to know what … December 13, 2020Starmel Blog App,Citizen,Knowledge,Street Read More

WHAT WE BUILD: An excerpt from “The Righteous Way” book

The following is an excerpt from The Righteous Way (Part 1), chapter 19, page 233. It’s an allegory, that is, a story with symbolic meaning. But it’s written in a way that a person of aver… June 7, 2020Starmel Blog build,builder,community,construction,history,ideas,lessons,master,nation,we,what Read More

When Your Money Catches COVID-19: A Self-Saving Time.

How is COVID-19 impacting your money? Government and business responses to aid victims and spreading may help. But some of these measures will change how we deal with money. Therefore, we need to grip… March 18, 2020Starmel Blog economy,money,spending Read More

Gods, Earths & COVID-19

Due to the growing concern and news coverage regarding COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus), it is important that we understand what proactive steps we can take to help ensure our safety as Gods & Earths. T… March 10, 2020Starmel Blog #Earths,#Gods,coronavirus,COVID-19,five percent nation,self-check,self-savior Read More

The Black Vote: Issues That Matter.

What do Black voters care about and want? Lessons learned from the history of Allah’s Five Percenters in New York City shines some light on issues of race and inequality in America. In this arti… February 19, 2020Starmel Blog #NGE,#Politics,2020,Black,business,election,five percent nation,political science,Vote,wealth Read More

Can You See the Forest from the Trees?

Once upon a time, a young boy on a summer field trip wandered off from his group and got lost in a forest trying to explore a grove of trees. He may have only been lost for a few hours, but, when you … November 27, 2019Starmel Blog Read More

Police Encounters: Be Polite, Know Your Rights

If you find yourself in a police encounter – that is, being questioned by a police officer for any reason – remember to never give police the ammunition to shoot you with. Do not be rude, … July 20, 2019Starmel Blog amendment,encounters,fourth,know,police,rights Read More

Reforming Hearts, Minds & Criminal Justice

Reforming the criminal justice system requires a sustained effort to reform people’s hearts and minds about justice. Shouldn’t justice include what happens after punishment? What about those who a… July 18, 2019Starmel Blog corrections,criminal justice reform,policy Read More