Starmel is originally from Medina (East New York, Brooklyn). In 1995, he embraced the teachings of Allah and Justice in the Desert/Oasis (Rosedale, Queens). The Righteous Way trilogy shares his experience of growth and development within Allah’s Five Percent Nation which he has been involved in for over 26 years.

Doing The Right Thing

(An excerpt from The Righteous Way – Infinity Edition) In these times of continued racial tensions and unjustified police shootings, it can sometimes be difficult to do the right thing. The lines between competing values, morals, and ethics can be blurred by fear, stress and other emotions. The appearance of having no choice can force…

Energy Without Synergy

Many people think they can do it all by themselves. But even the most talented and passionate people benefit from having part-time assistance so they can focus on what they do best and which makes the most income and impact.

Plug Into Your Power!

People feel powerless largely because they aren’t plugged into their personal POWER. Some call to an outside force to help them fix or address a problem, but they don’t realize that power is already in them. Some hope to simply win the lotto. Others sit around and wait for good fortune to come into their…