The Righteous Way

Introduces The Five Percent Nation of Gods & Earths’ history and culture through the authentic voice of Starmel Allah and other sincere adherents of the culture. The first edition discusses how the teachings of The Five Percent influenced young people throughout New York City and Hip-Hop culture. Here, Starmel makes and owns the narrative of his path along the righteous way.

Golden Jubilee Edition

Commemorates the 50th year anniversary of The Five Percent culture with in-depth interviews, including historic black and white and color photos. The Golden Jubilee Edition highlights the true purpose of the teachings and encourages each one to teach one through leadership and community involvement.

Infinity Edition

Explores pivotal moments in history and ties those moments to a greater calling for boundless building and self-improvement. The Infinity Edition aims to inspire us to act responsibly on our Knowledge of Self and engage our communities. This edition provides readers with good orderly direction to see their fullest potential as we live within the time and space of infinity.

Paperbacks and E Books