Five Percent Nation Author, Starmel Allah Talks Infinite Potential in Final Installment of 'The Righteous Way' Trilogy

Five Percent Nation author, Starmel Allah has released his third book, The Righteous Way: Infinity Edition. This is the third and final installment of The Righteous Way Trilogy series. The Infinity Edition aims to empower readers by showing them how to tap into their infinite potential. Here, Starmel delves further into the Knowledge of Self by discussing the limitations and powers of the mind. He provides a basic framework for readers to take charge of their destiny by finding their purpose and becoming their own master. But the jewels in this book don’t stop there.

The Infinity Edition was edited by Sunez Allah, author of The Filtered Real and educator of the P.E.A.C.E. Course at Allah School in Mecca in Harlem, New York. It includes a compelling foreword written by Elamjad Born Allah, one of the founding editors of The Five Percent Nation’s first newspaper, The Word.

For the first time ever, in an exclusive interview by Hip-Hop journalist, Ime Ekpo (Queen I-Wisdom Earth) the legendary Big Daddy Kane delves into his experiences as a (former) member of The Five Percent Nation.

The Infinity Edition features interviews with mental health and substance abuse specialist, Allah Shah, a long-time representative of the Nation of Gods and Earths, Lord Born Justice Allah, and the owner of Allah’s Kitchen, Knowledge Infinite Allah. Highlighting subject matters in the likes of “virtual nationhood,” and Taoism, the Infinity Edition also features essays written by martial arts expert, Infinite Mind Allah and Saladin Quanaah Allah, founder of the Atlantis School for Gifted Youngsters. Moreover, this book includes photos by renowned photographers Jamel Shabazz and Khalik Allah.

The Righteous Way Trilogy was carefully written to bring greater exposure to the ethical and moral foundational teachings of the Five Percent Nation and how those teachings can be applied in a righteous way. Three books were necessary to give readers the in-depth attention and context they deserve to effectuate Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.

Released in August 2013, the first edition is an introduction to the Five Percent Nation and their influence in New York City and Hip-Hop culture. The second edition, Golden Jubilee, commemorates the 50th Year Anniversary of the Five Percent Nation along with an interview with Lord Jamar Allah on the Five Percent Nation influence on Hip-Hop.

Lord Jamar Allah and Starmel Allah at Allah’s Educational Show & Prove (June 2014)

Starmel Allah is a prolific NYC-based author and active member of the Five Percent Nation. He is best known for the first edition of The Righteous Way Trilogy, regarded to be a classic Five Percent Nation publication, and his advocacy for the Nation of Gods & Earths in state and federal courts.

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