Word Is Bond

Can You See the Forest from the Trees?

Once upon a time, a young boy on a summer field trip wandered off from his group and got lost in a forest trying to explore a grove of trees. He may have only been lost for a few hours, but, when you are lost and ten years old in a forest that is getting […]


Reforming Hearts, Minds & Criminal Justice

Reforming the criminal justice system requires a sustained effort to reform people’s hearts and minds about justice. Shouldn’t justice include what happens after punishment? What about those who are wrongfully arrested and convicted? With all that is invested in punishment, shouldn’t there also be an investment to meet the needs of victims and offenders after […]


History Renewed By Those Who Were There!

To those Five Percenters who where there, Peace and thank you! In some cultures, one person is chosen to continue the storytelling tradition. But in the unique Five Percent culture, the stories come from those who were there and are just and true. Like other cultures, our culture is rich with lessons, symbolism, and meaning. […]


A Billionaire Lesson From Jay-Z: Do For Self

To be a billionaire, you must have a net worth of at least $1 billion. What separates billionaires from the rest of us is mindset. This mindset requires us to think deeply, have confidence, ambition, passion, creativity, and keeping good circle (cipher). If increasing net worth was a cake, these would be some of the […]